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11 reasons to park your car in a garage
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Here's some great reasons to park your car undercover

Even while you're on holiday!

You may not want to invest in garage parking but can you really afford not to? If you are leaving your car at the airport you might think that by skipping indoor parking you will save money, but the damage done to your car while you’re away could end up costing you much more than the parking space would have. 

If you’re still unsure, we’ve come up with 11 reasons to park your car in a garage at the airport while you’re away on holiday or business.

1. Protect your car from the weathercar

This might seem obvious, but it can’t be overlooked how much damage can be done to your car when it’s in the sun, wind or rain or day long. Over time, the elements can cause dirt and residue build up, as well as rust or peeling to happen to your car’s paint job. Is it really worth the risk? 

2. Get added security

When you park your car at our Brisbane airport indoor parking, you can rest assured your car will be in safe hands. Our team at Portside Parking provides a secure place to leave your car for long periods, with security patrols and other measures to help make sure your car is kept safe. 

3. Avoid theft or vandalism

This links back to the added security point - when your car is parked with Portside Parking, you can guarantee it won’t be stolen or vandalised while you’re away. No one wants to come back from holiday only to be shaken up by the damage done to their car while they’ve been away! Keep your car safe at Portside.

4. Find your car looking like you left it

When you keep your car under a roof, without it being exposed to the elements, you can feel relaxed in knowing that when you return it’ll be exactly as you found it. 

5. Protect your car from birds and their business

You might think that by leaving your car under a tree while you’re away will keep it shaded and cool. But did you think about the birds that could be nesting in that tree? You don’t want to return from your business trip to find hundreds of bird droppings all over your vehicle. The acidity in bird poop can damage the paint job of your car irreversibly. 

6. Keep your engine in top condition

When you store your car inside, you keep your engine lubricated. As a garage is kept at a consistent temperature, the fluid and oils inside it are kept in top condition. 

7. Your car will be kept in good nick

It’s not just your engine that will be kept lubricated either. Coolant will stay warm and when you start up your car, because it hasn’t been exposed to the outdoors, your cooling and heating systems will work faster and more efficiently

8. Keep your insurance costs low

Because your car will be kept in a garage while you’re away, your insurance company will deem this as a ‘safe’ place for it to be. This means that if there is ever a problem, your excess will most likely be lower than if it was left outside in less secure surroundings.

9. Protect your vehicle from other vehicles

When your car is kept in secure parking such as ours, video recording is taped all night and day long. This means if someone scratches, bumps or bashes your car, we are able to review the tapes and see what happened. This wouldn’t be the case if your car was left outside. 

10. Get true indoor parking

Some Brisbane airport parking promises ‘undercover’ parking, but by this they mean underneath a shade sail. Portside offers true indoor parking with four walls and a proper roof, meaning your car is kept completely safe, secure and protected.

11. Simply get in and drive off

When you return from holiday or your business trip, you can guarantee your car will be in good shape, indistinguishable from how you left it, meaning you can simply get into your vehicle and drive home.
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