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Money-saving Pre-cruise Tips

A cruise can be an expensive way to see the world, but cruises are totally worth it as you get to travel between wonderful places in both luxury and style.

If you’re trying to keep the costs down on your cruise then these tips will help you to do so.

Take the time to prepare before you head off on your cruise and you’ll be able to enjoy a wonderful trip with less of a cost using these top tips: 

Begin Your Holiday at Brisbane Cruise Terminal

A cruise will typically have 2-3 calls at the port with a couple of days stay in each location, but you can easily increase your holiday enjoyment at a lower cost by using the starting port of call as a destination.

When setting off from the Brisbane Cruise Terminal, you should consider arriving a few days earlier to enjoy a holiday in Brisbane and consider this as your first port of call.

There are loads of benefits to doing this, not least in building a cushion of time just in case your flights into Brisbane are delayed.

When you’re spending good money to get to Brisbane Cruise Terminal it is a waste to jump straight on a boat without seeing the wonders that Brisbane has to offer. 

Use Cruise Connections to Book the Hotel

Cruises often have deals with hotels in the ports where they dock and you can save a huge amount on rooms when you utilise these connections.

See which hotels are connected to the cruise liner and check what other discounts they have too.

Cruise ships will often be able to enjoy discounts on sight-seeing tours, airport drop off and access to tourist attractions too, so you can save at every stop you make on your cruise trip.

When companies have connections to the cruise ships this will also be worth a lot to them and they will be likely to offer you the best service to ensure you give good feedback too. 

Introduce Yourself to the staff

Most hotels and cruise ships will have a member of staff who is always available to help you to solve problems and identify local information.

This can be very helpful in getting the best out of your trip without spending a huge amount because they will often know places that are cheaper with a great local reputation.

You should introduce yourself to the help desk staff and tell them the sort of things you like doing.

You’ll be amazed at how helpful they are in being able to offer you advice on where to go for the best low-price experiences. 

Follow these top tips for saving money on your cruise and you’ll be able to enjoy a truly fantastic experience with less of a cost. Remember to make the most of cruise discounts wherever you go and you could have even better experiences at far less of a cost than you would normally have to pay.

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