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Thinking of taking a relaxing cruise to exotic destinations? It's never been easier from Brisbane Cruise Terminal. Five stunning locations are now at your fingertips with easy, regular cruising options from Brisbane. 

1. Hamilton Islandbrisbane

Hamilton Island is one of Australia’s most spectacular destinations, known for its stunning natural environment. The island is located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsunday Islands; all are must-see spots for both natives and tourists. 
Though the island has been inhabited for close to 8,000 years, its pristine environment has been lovingly maintained through sustainability practices. The best way to witness the incredible natural bushland is through the dozen of walking trails that weave across the island. On these trails you can discover an array of flora and fauna, as well as a variety of birds, mammals, reptiles and butterflies that call the island their home. 
Another delight is the surrounding coral reef and mangrove communities that are home to plentiful marine life. Turtles visit the area between July and September, while humpback whales and their calves are often spotted throughout the year. 

2. Alotau

Alotau, the breathtaking capital of Milne Bay Province, is located in the south-east corner of Papua New Guinea. The province is home to some of the most remote island communities in the world and is known for its coral reef and scuba diving experiences. 
Alotau also boasts a must-see landmark for history buffs. The area is home to a site where invading Japanese soldiers suffered their first land defeat in 1942 during the Pacific War. A memorial park now stands at the site of the old battle ground, commemorating the historical event. 

3. Conflict Islands

The Conflicts Islands are comprised of 21 completely untouched islands located within the pristine waters of the Coral Sea. Currently uninhabited and undeveloped, the tropical islands are home to the most extensive biodiversity and coral reefs in the world, making them an essential Brisbane cruise destination.
Each island has their own individual beauty and charm to offer. With the second best coral in the world and the highest number of species noted in one single dive, Irai island is a diver’s absolute dream! The main island, Panasesa, offers an array of activities such as sport fishing, kayaking, sailing, diving and boating. 

4. Noumea

Noumea is the capital city of New Caledonia, a special collectivity of France. The city lies in a protected deep-water harbour which also serves as the chief port of the island. 
The breath-taking Koghis Mountains are an absolute must-do for visitors to Noumea. Take a ride through the remarkable countryside, then enjoy a blissful walk through the rainforest. 
The island is also home to educational sites such as the fun and informative Maritime Museum and the Tchou Tchou Train for a guided tour of Noumea. 

5. Lifou

Lifou, a stunning fixture amongst the Loyalty Islands of New Caledonia, is a commune of France. Made of fossilised coral and a result of a raised ancient lagoon, Lifou is predominantly a flat, wide centre surrounded by cliffs. Explore the large freshwater reservoir only accessible through caves enriched with island mythology. Divers rejoice - Lifou is renowned for its snorkelling potential. 
The crown jewel of the area lives in the forest. The Secret Grotto reveals fascinating formations only visible by torchlight.


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