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waiting at the airportSo you’ve been on a great vacation, travelled for a business trip or visited family overseas? And now you’re stuck in between flights on the return trip and didn’t realise you have hours to wait for your next plane? Dreading watching the minutes go by on your watch so slowly…

Don’t panic – you’re not alone. Hundreds of travellers get stuck in this dreary predicament each week. When you’re stuck in a layover at an airport – it’s time to get creative and have some fun! Not every long wait has to be dull. 
Luckily, we have all the tips and solutions you need to make your long wait more bearable at the airport.

Indulge and shop 

Now is a perfect time to treat yourself! When you’ve got hours to wait in an airport terminal, a little rest and recuperation can go a long way. Airport massage shops and spa centres are on the rise.
Treat yourself to a luxurious facial, get a back massage or opt for a pedicure and manicure service. Or if you have hours to wait, and feel like going all out, why not get all three!
It’s always fun to browse the duty-free store to pick up gifts for friends on the way back from a getaway. Try new fragrance samples and browse the clothing collection or pick out some new books at the W.H store to read on the plane.


Now anyone that has been on a long flight knows how it can get boring to have to sit and stay in your seat for hours on end. Save the books and movies for while you are on the plane.
Now is a perfect time to exercise – power walk laps around the airport, do lunges and squats – just avoid running around the airport unless you want security to be hot on your tail!


Lounge and quiet time 

Most airports have luxury lounges. Take some time to relax in a comfy chair, enjoy a decadent food buffet and make use of the free wi-fi available.
Airports also have designated quiet rooms for prayer, meditation or just if you want time out to calm yourself before your next flight. If you need some peace and rest after a busy hectic day this is a good time to just stop for a minute and take a breather.


Feeling more adventurous and want to do something exciting? Check out your local tourist attractions surrounding the airport. Most airports have easy transport from the airport – go look at the tourist hot spots or find some markets for shopping – the sky’s the limit!

Candid camera

Have a digital camera? Want to practice your photography talent? Whether it's families saying goodbye to each other, local scenery and wildlife, or just the airport itself – there’s plenty of visual stimuli to snapshot. 
So, there you have it! Five ways to kill time at an airport – layovers don’t need to be so painful after all. So try out these methods next time you are stuck in transit. You might even enjoy yourself. For airport parking in Brisbane, get in contact with us today!
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