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How to Book the Best Cruise Cabin

Cruise booking can be daunting, particularly when trying to find the perfect cruise cabin to suit your needs. Carnival Cruises are beautiful and cater for all holiday makers' needs, but it is essential to consider what you wish to get out of your cruise in order to book the perfect cabin on the ship.
Below are 6 tips to consider when booking your cabin, to set you up for the holiday of a lifetime.

1. Cabin Location

Unfortunately, a few people are subject to motion sickness and the unluckiest ones aren’t aware of it before they step on to the ship. While premium cruises offer the highest quality staff to assist with medical treatment and ease the sickness, the location of the cabin can have a big impact on those who tend to have a queasy stomach.
Lower cabins that are centrally located on the ship offer more stability when the ship is experiencing inclement weather. Staterooms towards the rear of the ship are also ideal for those who may experience motion sickness.

2. Noise

Cruises brim with entertainment, dancing and noise. The best place to minimise noise is not the most expensive staterooms, as these are often located near the pool decks and bars. The best place is in between passenger decks and well away from things such as lift areas, staff areas or show lounges.

3. Family Bookings

Choosing an adequate cabin is essential for families on a cruise, so it is important not to leave the booking too late. Staterooms offer conjoined rooms and double occupancy and there are options to have linked cabins on other decks. If the booking is left too late, it is likely the family will be separated. 

4. Researching the Room

Category 1A interior staterooms are not actually superior to other staterooms on Carnival cruises. While the name sounds more prestigious, the room features bunk beds and is smaller than other options.

5. Location for Those with Limited Mobility 

The location of a cabin is vital for those who experience limited mobility. Cruise ships are large and once inside, it can feel like stepping in to an entirely new city of endless passageways, rooms, decks and levels.
For those with mobility issues, it is best to study the map of the ship and select a cabin that is closest to an elevator. Staterooms that are located in the front or rear of the ship are not ideal for those who cannot walk or travel far as they are the furthest from the entertainment, decks and dining areas. There are rooms available that feature handicap capabilities, so if that is required, it is best to research and book these before stepping on to the ship.

6. Avoid booking last minute and don't rely on upgrades

Many people book cruises last minute and hope that they are not fully booked, and that they will be upgraded to a more superior or better located room. This circumstance is rare.
It is important to examine a ship's layout, identify your needs and step on to the ship with excitement, not apprehension to have the perfect holiday, in the perfect cabin.
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