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6 More Items to Pack on your Cruise

highlighters with different colorsThe cruise is booked, the case pulled down and now you need to pack. All of us know the basics of what to pack for a cruise holiday, but there are other things you should include to make your holiday a true success. 
These items are not obvious and probably not what you take camping or hiking. But you are going on a cruise, so take note. 
Make sure you include the following 6 essential items in your suitcase to make your cruise a true success:

1. Highlighters


You will want to use them to highlight your daily activities on your newsletter. It makes it easy for you to read and any member of your travel group will be able to follow it as well. 
Make sure you bring a whole packet of them. They don’t take up a lot of room and if one runs out of colour, you have a spare one or two to hand. 

2. Nightlight

Some children and adults can find it disconcerting to sleep in complete darkness. If you bring a nightlight, you will make sure that those not comfortable in the dark will get a good night's sleep as well. 
A nightlight also assists in people finding their way around the cabin in the middle of the night without getting hurt or waking others. 

3. Lint Roller

Stuffing your clothes into a tightly packed suitcase may leave clothes with dirt, dust, animal hair etc, leaving them less than perfect to look at and wear. Bringing a travel-friendly lint roller will mean you are totally prepared for any situation. You will elevate your status from beginner to expert traveller. 

4. Umbrella

Check the climate of the country you are going to and be prepared. Chances are it will rain on your holiday. If you have a small travel umbrella, take it with you and stay dry during any rainy period. Better to bring one than having to buy one. 

5. Sticky notes

You will want to leave notes for others in your party about your current whereabouts, including where to meet for lunch, dinner or breakfast. You can also bring magnets to use with the sticky notes. Most of the walls in the cabin are metal, making it an easy surface on which to use a magnet to secure the sticky note or other things.

6. Lanyard

These days most hotel rooms operate with a key card. Chances are the same will apply to the room on your Cruise Ship. You know how difficult it is to stuff these cards in with your wallet or into your phone cover.
The best way to keep them near you, easily accessible and always where you will find it, is with a lanyard. If you bring one with you, you will be well prepared. Chances are if you need a hole to attach it to your lanyard, a crew member will punch one in it for you. Or get one with a plastic wallet to slip the card into and be the envy of fellow passengers. 
Once you are all packed for your cruise, double check your list and book your cruise parking in Brisbane. Now you just need to enjoy your holiday!
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