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9 Must Have Cheap Shop Essentials when Packing for a Cruise

9 must have cheap shops essentialsRemembering to pack everything you need for a holiday can be stressful, and it's often even more difficult packing for a cruise.
Because you'll be at sea most of the time you're away, it's virtually impossible to find somewhere that you can purchase things cheaply that you've forgotten to pack, which either means you won't be able to get them or you'll end up paying a ridiculous price. 
This is why it's well worth heading to your nearest dollar store for some cruise ship essential items before you go. Here, we've listed nine must have cheap shop essentials to help make this process easier. 

1. Pill Box

Whether you take pills or supplements on a daily basis, a pill box is a great way to save space and help you to remember to take all of your medication on the right days.
By planning your daily medication ahead of time, it also helps you speed up the morning rituals, so you can really make the most of your day!

2. Magnets

As cruise ships are generally built from metal, bringing magnets is a great way to keep your important documents from becoming lost.
Just hang your itinerary and other documents up in the same spot every-time to quickly and easily retrieve them.

3. Poncho

There's a good chance that, at some point on your cruise, it will rain, so packing a dollar store poncho is great to avoid getting wet!

4. Ear Plugs

If you're a light sleeper, unfamiliar sounds on the ship could keep you awake, so buying ear plugs is a smart idea when packing for a cruise.

5. Night Light 

Often cabins on cruise ships can become quite dark at night, so packing a night light will help you to avoid tripping over. This is also a great idea if you're travelling with children.

6. Reusable Drink Bottles

You'll often find cruise ship cups are quite small, so storing any additional juice or water you're given in a reusable drink bottle will save you from becoming thirsty.

7. Power Strip 

Cabins on cruise ships often don't have enough power outlets to charge all your electronic items, which is why buying a power strip is essential to pack for your cruise.

8. Suction Hooks

Whether you hang up a loofah, jacket or your jewellery, buying suction hooks is a very cost-effective investment. Also, if you leave these behind by mistake, you won't be too concerned.

9. Snack Containers

By packing snack containers in your cruise ship luggage, it allows you to be able to stock up on snacks at meal times from the buffet, to avoid you getting hungry at any time during the day or night. 
These are some of the many cheap essentials you should consider before packing for a cruise to save you money and reduce the stress of packing for a holiday. Using these will help make your holiday run more smoothly, leaving you to relax.
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