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One of the greatest concerns for passengers when travelling interstate or overseas is finding a safe and secure place to park their vehicle while they are away. Many travellers who use Brisbane Airport will use the Brisbane airport parking facility. However, when more than 70 cars per year are left abandoned in long term parking Brisbane airport, this is a concern for many travellers as it represents a safety hazard. 

Brisbane Airport parking and abandoned vehicles

In 2014, Brisbane airport reported that 84 cars were left abandoned in their vehicle parking facility. During 2015, a further 78 cars were abandoned. Most of the vehicles were said to be cheap vans that were typically used by backpackers. 

The airport corporation stated that the majority of the vehicles were used by backpackers, while others were abandoned due to unaffordable finance. So rather than returning vehicles or continuing to pay for a vehicle that they could not afford, the owner of the vehicle left the car at the Brisbane Airport. The airport notifies the relevant authorities about these vehicles, and the companies then collect them. Any uncollected vehicles were then auctioned so that the airport could recover some of the costs to move, store and advertise the vehicle.

According to the airport, the costs that these vehicles incurred was well over $500,000, especially in parking fees and towing costs. Some vehicles had accumulated more than $20,000 in parking fees alone. 

Sydney Airport has reported similar occurrences. Around 60 vehicles were dumped in the Sydney airport’s long term car park last year, with the airport claiming that at least 40 vehicles were abandoned yearly. Most of the vehicles are early 80s or 90s models in bad condition. Many were also unregistered, meaning that if the vehicle caused any damage to other vehicles or passenger property, then it would be difficult for the registered owner of the other car to make any claim. 

Abandoned vehicles also pose a safety risk in that they attract vandals, may be used for drug drops or even as a shelter by the homeless. Other concerns are that the vehicles contain dangerous parts and substances, such as fuel, oils and other fluids that can leak, which, in turn, represent a fire hazard.

Safer alternatives to Brisbane Airport parking

Rather than leaving your vehicle in unsecured parking unsure of whether it is safe or not, there are safer alternatives such as Portside Cruise and Airport Parking which can provide you with trustworthy, secure parking so that you know your vehicle is in good hands while you’re away. Our customers have peace of mind knowing that their car is parked undercover, away from the elements so that they avoid hail and other damage. Plus, Portside use 24-hour electronic surveillance along with monitored alarms in all of our buildings so we reduce the risk of abandoned vehicles and theft. 

Knowing who owns the car that is parked next to yours reduces risk. It will also allow you to have a more satisfying trip with you not having to worry about your vehicle while you’re travelling.

So give us a call or book online today and feel safe and secure in the knowledge that we've got it covered. :) (07) 3630 0922

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