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Best Economy Seats from Australia

Best Economy Seats from AustraliaBrisbane Airport parking is a breeze compared to selecting the best economy seats for your next flight. The airline that you choose can have a significant impact on your entire travel experience, particularly if you have chosen to travel in economy class.
Irritations and inconveniences such as small cabin luggage limits, cramped seats, limited leg room, and inferior entertainment can result in a bad night’s sleep and make your entire trip unpleasant and unbearable. 
We have compared the economy class key features of leg room, seat width, entertainment, cabin luggage, and customer feedback of the top six airlines that fly out of Brisbane Airport - Air New Zealand, Emirates, Etihad, Qantas, Singapore Airlines and United Airlines - to help you make the right decision when you book your next economy flight. 

Economy Airline Leg Room Review by Brisbane Airport Parking

The amount of leg room, otherwise known as the seat pitch, can be one of the most important considerations to ensure that you fly in comfort.
While Qantas economy has a standard seat pitch of 31 inches across all aircraft, the rest of the airlines vary slightly. Singapore Airlines economy steep pitch ranges from 32 inches (approximately 81 cm) to 34 inches (approximately 86 cm) on the Boeing 777-200 (772) V2 and the Boeing 777-200Er (772) V2, while Etihad goes up to 32 inches, Singapore Airlines up to 34 inches, and Air New Zealand maxes out at 35 inches.
The number one airline to select if you’re looking for extra legroom is United Airlines. They have the largest economy class seat width at 37 inches (almost 94 cm) on the Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 757-200 aircrafts. Be aware that not all United Airlines flights are this generous with their seat widths. 

Economy Airline Seat Width Review by Brisbane Airport Parking

The economy class seat width is fairly uniform across the majority of the airlines.
The smallest seat widths can be found in Emirates, Qantas, and United economy classes at 17 inches (approximately 43 cm), while Singapore Airlines boosts the largest economy class seat width of 19 inches (approximately 48 cm) on the Airbus A380-800 and the Boeing 777-300. 

Economy Airline Entertainment Review by Brisbane Airport Parking

There is a wide variety of onboard entertainment across all airlines; including TV, films, music, and flight maps. Qantas’ fleet provides the smallest entertainment selection with only between 500-1500 options, while Emirates is the clear winner with 2000 entertainment channels. 

Economy Airline Cabin Luggage Review by Brisbane Airport Parking

Qantas, Etihad, Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines, and United Airlines allow one piece of cabin luggage in economy class weighing up to 7 kg, as well as one small personal item, such as a slim laptop case or handbag.
Emirates is similar but doesn’t allow the small personal item onboard. 

Economy Airline Customer Feedback Review by Brisbane Airport Parking

Only Singapore Airlines made the 2015 top 10 for best airlines tallies results from the Customer Satisfaction Survey compiled by SKYTRAX  at number five. 
All of the economy airlines that fly out of Brisbane have solid reputations and safety record, so it depends on which features matter most to you when choosing which one will be best for you.
United Airlines will provide you with the most leg room, Singapore Airlines has the widest seat width and highest customer feedback. Emirates has the widest range of entertainment options, but give you the lowest cabin luggage allowances.
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