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How to Properly Install a Child’s Car Seat in Australia

Portside Cruise and Airport Parking How to properly install your child safety seatGetting a child’s car seat installed is simple – and you can do it yourself – but install it incorrectly and you could put your child’s life at risk. 
According to a UK study, if you install a car seat correctly, you can reduce the risk of death or injury by more than 70%. But get it wrong and the consequences can be disastrous.
Scientists found that new parents make at least one small mistake when installing a newborn’s car seat and it is these errors than can lead to a parent’s worst nightmare. 
To help you install your car seat properly, we’ve come up with some invaluable tips: 

Always install the seat in the right place

A child’s seat always needs to be installed in the back seats of the car, never in the front, as this is much safer for them. The seat also needs to be rear-facing for the first six months of their life, at least. This is a law in Australia that needs to be adhered to for safety. 

Check the seat is adjusted properly

Make sure that when you install the seat it is at the right reclining angle. Seats come with adjusters which will help you to manoeuvre them into the right position. 
As your child grows, you also need to keep adjusting the seat for their height and weight. When they’ve outgrown the seat, make sure you replace it immediately with a larger one. 

Make sure the seat is tightly installed and at a straight angle

The car seat needs to be installed tightly so it is secure in the event of an accident. You shouldn’t be able to move any harnesses, straps or the seat more than an inch any which way. 
For comfort and safety, the seat and its accessories also need to be straight without any twisting within the seat belt straps. 
Remember, if you have any questions about your child’s car seat installation, it is best to contact a professional for their help and advice to ensure you get it right.

Airline child travel policies

For some airlines, they allow car seats to be installed into the seats of their planes to ensure your child is safely strapped in to a height that secures them. However, different airlines have different procedures on how you can use the seats.
For example, Qantas says you will need to buy a separate seat for your child and get approval for your seat, at a Qantas office, more than 24 hours in advance. On arrival at the airport, staff at Portside Cruise and Airport Parking can help you take out your car seat if you want to bring it with you.
As an alternative to bringing a whole car seat along for your flight, you can also purchase a Child Aviation Restraint System (CARES). 
A CARES is an extra belt and harness that wraps around the seat and helps to provide extra restraint for the upper portion of a child’s body. 
Most airlines do not provide a CARES but do allow them on their planes. Simply let the check-in crew know on your arrival and they should be able to assist you.
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