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How to Sleep like a Baby on Your Next Cruise

Sleeping baby on cruiseThere's nothing quite like the wonder of a cruise for that luxury travel experience: the beautiful sight of the open sea, with nothing but blue skies above you and the waves below. 
For some people, however, a much-anticipated holiday can be ruined by sleep deprivation when they get on board the ship. There's no way you'll be able to have the trip of a lifetime if you're not getting enough sleep, so we've laid out a few tips below to help you get a better night's rest. 
You should sleep like a baby on your next cruise!

Wear Yourself Out

Although cruises are a time for relaxing, there are no shortage of physical activities available on board to help you let off some steam.
Most cruise liners are equipped with a state of the art gym, or plenty of opportunities to challenge your cabin mate to a game of pool or table tennis. 
Make the most of your leisure time by trying something new, and getting a bit fitter in the process! This will also have the added advantage of wearing you out before you go to bed - so as soon as your head hits the pillow, you'll be out like a light. 
Although a cocktail on the deck followed by a snooze in the sun might be your idea of heaven, for those who are restless at night having a nap in the day will just make it harder to get that deep, high-quality sleep later on.

Keep your Routine Familiar

Just because you're going on holiday, you don't have to change up your bedtime routine.
Bring along your favourite pyjamas or that face wash that makes your skin feel perfectly smooth just before you head to bed for the night. If you keep those familiar touches that help you get ready for a great night's sleep at home, it will be easier to rest on board the ship.

Prep your Bedroom Before the First Night

Once you've got on board the ship, it can be tempting to either have a little snooze right away or to head straight out on to the ship to engage in fun activities or take in the view. To ensure you sleep perfectly, however, it's best to prioritise making your room the perfect environment for sleep as soon as you get on board.
That way, you don't have to think about anything later that night. This can be something as simple as laying out a blanket you brought from home, or asking your cabin steward for a few bits of extra bedding to make sure you're as comfortable as you would be in your own bed.

Choose your Cabin Carefully

If you need a particular level of light in order to sleep, it's best to consider this before you book your room on the ship.
For example, for those who need complete darkness to sleep well, you'll be best choosing an interior room so you're not disturbed by bright light from the peephole every morning. For light sleepers, it might also be key to check your room isn't directly below a gym or dining area, so you're not disturbed by foot traffic or noises in the morning.

Don't Over-do it

Of course, your cruise is a time to spoil yourself, have a few drinks and catch a bit of sun, but as the old saying goes, everything is better in moderation.
There's nothing worse than ruining your experience due to painful sunburn or a nasty hangover.
It's best to enjoy everything on holiday, but without putting your health at risk in the process, especially if you want to get a comfortable night's sleep ready to enjoy every single day!
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