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How we keep your car safe
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Looking at the variety of options available for parking your car, from a secured garage to simply parking on the street and hoping for the best, there are some clearly better options. While some garages are simply a place to put your car, a facility like Portside Parking follows an industry-leading set of best practices to keep you and your car safe in their facility. 
Beginning with the upkeep of the facility, Portside Parking takes security very seriously. Following an idea called the "broken window theory," which predicts that criminals are more likely to target buildings with lax maintenance assuming security might be equally negligent, Portside makes it clear that attention is paid to every detail of their operation. CCTV camera
While Portside provides state of the art electronic security and surveillance twenty four hours per day, seven days a week, they also appreciate the need for physical security. In fact, the facility's owner lives nearby, personally making visits at random hours to ensure that everything is secure and running as expected.
An important part of modern electronic security includes a well maintained identification system, whether involving biometric data, NFC fobs, or other access devices. Keeping these devices audited and secure assists the facility in closely monitoring all access to the parking area and avoiding issues with unauthorised access. 
All traffic is constantly monitored both entering and exiting the facility, whether vehicular or on foot, to protect not only vehicles but also their owners. The parking industry has made advances in security techniques and the early detection of unusual activity, from everything to wrong way detection and motion detection to license plate monitoring.
Well-lit spaces with no areas of shadow and confined spaces can also contribute to the security of any parking facility, eliminating any possible areas of concealment and adding a feeling of safety to the entire building. The stereotype of the dark, shadowy parking garage so foreboding in movies and entertainment is a thing of the past. Modern garages offer exceptional lighting and understand that creating a feeling of safety is just as important as maintaining actual security. 
Clear, vibrant signage also contributes to the safety of the facility, making sure all directions, parking slots, obstacles, and exits are distinctly marked. Monitoring the facility for debris and hazards to eliminate to potential for slips, falls, and mishaps also contributes to not only the upkeep but the overall security of the facility. In older, less secure facilities you will note faded parking lines, numerous old oil stains, perhaps even cracked concrete. Again, modern best practices understand that good janitorial and maintenance upkeep works hand in hand with good security. 
A great deal of progress and analysis has gone into making the modern parking facility an environment which not only is secure, but feels and looks secure. Providing customers with a place they feel comfortable and safe is always a wise investment and benefits not only the consumer but the facility itself. While awareness is always key to individual security, the business of reducing risk will always benefit both the customer and the proprietor of any business.
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