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Top tips for protecting your car from sun damage... and some advice on how to get rid of it

We often wear sunscreen when we go out in the sun, but how much protection do we put on our cars to avoid sun damage?blue car

The longer our vehicles stay under the hot beating sun, the higher the risk of damage to the paint of the car and other elements, such as the engine. This damage can make our cars look unsightly, and also increase the wear and tear on the vehicles more rapidly.

Wash your car regularly to help prevent damage

Keeping your car clean can stop dust and debris from collecting on the surface of your car, protecting it from damage from the sun and other elements. 

Protect your vehicle with film and wax

You shouldn’t stop at simply washing your car, you should take the time to wax it too. At least two times a year, get your car waxed, or do it yourself, to lock in the paint’s oils and give it a layer of sun protection. 

You can also consider getting a paint protection film kit if your car is often out in the harsh sunlight.

These kits can really help to prevent sun damage – almost like applying sunscreen all over your vehicle! A little effort can save you a lot of money by avoiding a new paint job further down the line!

How to fix the sun damage done to your car

If you’ve found the sun damage done to your car looks unsightly, why not take some easy steps to get rid of it? Sometimes, it’s simply the case of a touch up paint job. By visiting a car store, you can get them to look at your car’s model and give you the exact paint colour to match it.

In some cases, your vehicle might need further work. In these instances, it might be good to sand down some of the damage to make the surface smooth for a new few coats of paint.

If you want to give the job the professional touch, make sure you use some high quality primer to seal the surface of the area you sand down before painting the vehicle’s exterior. 

You should leave the primer over night to settle before cleaning the surface and preparing it for paint by using silicone remover to get rid of any unwanted residue. 

After this you can proceed with your paint job, either with a spray can or a paintbrush.

Avoid sun damage altogether by parking inside

Of course, one of the easiest ways to avoid needless sun damage is by leaving your car undercover when it is parked for long periods of time, such as when you go on holiday.

Consider parking your car at the indoor parking at the Brisbane airport and rest assured your car will be protected from sun damage while you’re away. 

Portside provides some of the best Brisbane airport undercover parking there is on offer, so make sure you park with us the next time you go on holiday or away for business. And worry less about sun damage being done to your vehicle.

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