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Long trip? How to Prepare your Car for an Extended Holiday
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How to Prepare your Car when you’re Going Away for Awhile

Portside Parking Indoor ParkingIf you are going on holiday for a few weeks or more, you’re going to want to store your car, whether it’s in your garage or at long-term airport parking.
However, it’s not simply a case of pulling up and parking your car – you need to take in to consideration that your car won’t be running for awhile and leave it in a good condition to protect it from a breakdown on your return. 

Where to store your vehicle

The best spot for your vehicle is in undercover parking that’s dry, such as Brisbane Airport parking. You want to avoid parking under the shade of a tree because although it might be cool, bird poop will strip your car’s paint. 

How to prepare your car for its vacancy

Make sure you clean out everything from your car if you’re leaving it for a prolonged period. This includes any valuables and rubbish. Wash and clean your car too, and wax it if you want it to stay in pristine shape. You don’t want dirt sitting on your car for extended periods of time while you’re away. 
Next, drive your car for about 2 km or so, gently braking frequently to help prepare and dry out your brakes. You can always cover your car with a natural and breathable material if you’re away for awhile too, for added protection.

Change your car’s oil

If you’re only going away for a fortnight or so, don’t worry about changing the oil, but if you’re going away for longer than a month, it’s worth considering. You don’t want dirty oil resting in your engine while you’re away, as it could damage it. 

Fuel your car

Stop by the petrol station on the way to the airport and fill the tank with fuel. This will ensure fuel stays in the tank rather than other moistures, and will stop any seals within your car from drying out. 

See if someone can turn the engine over

Every two weeks, it’s good to get someone to take out your car for 15 minutes or so for a drive. This will help keep the car’s battery alive. If you can’t organise someone to do this for you, you can also disconnect the negative battery cable so your battery doesn’t die. But be aware that this will cause you to lose your electronic presets within your car. 

Make sure your tyres are in good nick

Ensure your tyres are properly pumped up before you go away because the weight of your vehicle will probably make them deflate after awhile, especially if the weather is cold. 

Don’t leave the parking brake on

See if you can buy a tyre stopper to secure your car in position, rather than parking with the parking brake. Why? Because the brakes might fuse if they are in contact with the rotors for too long. 
If you are properly prepared when leaving your car at the long-term parking, when you return from your holiday you will find your car as you left it. Remember to give a little thought to your vehicle before you put it into storage and it’ll stay safe.
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