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Real Indoor Parking

When planning a holiday, deciding how to get to and from the airport and exactly who is going to help you to do that is probably the least exciting decision you are going to make.

There are now so many options in the airport ‘park and ride’ market that the decision can seem slightly overwhelming for something that is going to have little impact on your actual vacation. However, don’t take for granted the luxury of coming home to a beautifully clean, same-as-you-left it car, which has been parked indoors at Portside Parking.

For many of us, our car is the most valuable asset we own, and one that we commonly take for granted until we find that something has happened to it. This is why we feel it is so essential that customers understand the difference between ‘undercover’ parking, offered by so many providers, and ‘indoor’ parking, like what we offer at Portside.
Whilst undercover parking has its benefits when compared with parking in the open air, shade cloths and the like offer little protection from the sometimes ferocious weather that can be thrust upon us without warning. Here are just a few of the benefits of parking your car indoors:

1. Safe from the elements

Logic speaks for itself really. There’s little that rain, hail or wind (and the potential debris it picks up with it) can do to get through a roof and four solid walls to damage your car.

2. Safe from dings and dents

Whilst we’re sure all airport car-parking services do their utmost to protect their clients’ vehicles, a rogue tree branch here or a stone flicked up from a passing car there is not going to keep your car’s paint job intact.

3. Protects vehicles from sun damage

Just like your skin, the sun and its powerful UV rays do irreversible damage to your car. Not only will your interior and exterior fade, but UV damage can extend to expensive and vital parts of your car, such as your air conditioner and stereo system.

4. Decreased risk of theft or vandalism

Whilst unlikely to happen on a company’s watch – especially a company you’ve paid to look after your car - big long-term car parking lots commonly have fence lines that extend far beyond the watchful eye of airport car parking staff. Indoor facilities – like at Portside – are locked at all times, making it near impossible for any unauthorised personnel to get in.

5. Good for your engine

With an indoor garage naturally keeping a vehicle warmer than if it were parked outside, engine fluid and oil are kept in a more stable condition whilst the car is not in use, leading to a better running engine – and car – than one stored outside.

6. Coolant stays warmer - really technical, mechanical stuff!

A warmer car – from being kept indoors – also means a car that has a more efficient heater and air conditioning system. The same applies to a car that is stored indoors during extremely warm weather.
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