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5 Business Class Options from Brisbane Airport

Business class options from Brisbane AirportPeople who travel a lot, especially as part of their job, absolutely rave about business class. Normally, it's because they've spent a significant part of their life beforehand flying economy and have the bad back and bad mood to prove it.
That's why it's called business class: it's not the showy first class and it's not the counting-pennies-on-a-rare-getaway economy. People who travel business class fly business class for good reason. It's more convenient and comfortable, it's quieter, the food is nice and you'll actually get some sleep and be ready to work when you land.
But all business class options are not made equal. You're forking out a significant amount extra, and you want to make sure that you really get the benefit.
Brisbane airport parking to business class - what's the best pick?
So after making your way from Brisbane airport parking into the international terminal, imagine you have a ticket to the US. What are the best business class options for that long-haul flight?

1. Qantas

More Qantas flights head out of Brisbane airport than any other, and if you choose the iconic Flying Kangaroo you'll probably find yourself on the flagship Airbus A380 or the good old Boeing 747.
No matter which craft you're on board, you'll be seated on the wide and comfortable Marc Newson-designed Skybed II business class seat, which converts into a full bed.
But the 10-year-old design is not perfect, with limited storage and regular intrusions from fellow passengers stepping through your space. However, the delicious Neil Perry in-flight meals pretty much make up for it!

2. Virgin Australia

If Virgin is your pick, you'll also have a nice lie-flat seat to call home during your trip.
And if you're on board the Boeing 777, it's Virgin's newly upgraded 'mini-suite' business class seat that will impress you, featuring convenient direct access into the aisle no matter where you are seated.
Those who like lots of room to store and also use laptops will be happy, and when you're sleepy, you'll have a full 2 metres of bed to stretch out into. And when you're peckish, the restaurant experience will be fresh and enticing thanks to the brilliant food by Luke Mangan.

3. United Airlines

If your ticket is with United, the world's third-largest airline, you'll also find yourself on the Boeing 777, or perhaps the newer 787.
Like Virgin, you'll have a decent bed to stretch out into on the 777, but United's 'Business First' seats are a little narrow. Storage is also limited, and you could be unlucky enough to find yourself seated backwards for the long haul flight.
The 787 is definitely the better business class experience when you fly United, with in-flight internet access, a guaranteed front-facing seat, and a markedly better seat.
But the biggest difference between the US and Australian options is the food, with the Aussies definitely winning in that department - although the United ice cream sundae is pretty good!

4. Delta Airlines

Many users of Brisbane airport parking aren't even aware that Delta also operates out of Australia - and it's a surprisingly good business class option.
You'll be on a 777, and the 'Delta One' seats are big and comfortable. You'll find an aisle no matter where you're seated, and the high walls provide excellent privacy.
The meals are probably better than United's, although the storage isn't as good.

5. American Airlines

But many travellers from Brisbane to the US will tell you their business class experience aboard American is the pick of the group.
You get a Cathay Pacific-style seat - which is just all-round brilliant. Great storage, plenty of room to work and sleep, internet access, and healthy and delicious meals designed by top chefs.
From Brisbane airport parking to business class - is it worth it?
If you travel a lot, and especially if you do it for a living, business class is definitely worth the extra spend. Checking in, waiting and boarding is pleasant, you'll be more comfortable, eat better food and more easily find your bag once you touch down.
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