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The high cost of a short walk:

How to get the most bang out of your airport parking buck

Dropping off at the airportThose who eschew public transport or the option of hiring a taxi to get the airport typically like to park their cars close to the terminal. However, this proximity, which means a shorter walk, usually comes at a higher cost. So rather than lining the pockets of Brisbane Airport and adding to their already soaring profits, now may be the time to look at alternative and affordable parking, just a short shuttle ride away from the airport.


Brisbane airport parking deals

According to reports, profits at Brisbane Airport have sky-rocketed. The airport is said to be making more than $1 million a week, and this is mostly when passengers first arrive at the airport. For many travellers, Brisbane Airport long term parking is becoming too expensive. Many say that it's "not fair" and an issue that the consumer watchdog should be reviewing. Other passengers say that Brisbane airport parking deals need improving with the airport being on par with other states, which are far more affordable.
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) said in its annual report on airport parking that Brisbane Airport long term parking generated an average profit of around 76 cents per dollar. This profit made Brisbane Airport parking deals the worst in Australia, at almost $50 for a day. In contrast, airports in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth all charged under $40, with Melbourne costing $39 a day, Sydney $30 a day, and Perth $23 a day.

Cheap airport parking alternatives

For passengers looking to escape the cost to park at the Brisbane Airport, the good news is that there are alternative parking options close to the airport. In fact, many airport parking businesses are said to be flourishing due to the greed of Brisbane airport parking deals. 
Short and long term parking near the airport offers travellers competitive parking deals with secure, undercover parking that often include a valet service at no extra charge. These parking businesses have on demand shuttle buses that will drop passengers at the airport, and will also collect them when they return from their travel as a part of their parking fee. This service is door-to-door, with passengers only having to walk to a pick-up point outside the airport terminal to be collected by the shuttle bus so that they can return to their vehicle. 
These cheap airport parking alternatives are said to be challenging the Brisbane Airport to offer fairer deals to their passengers. If the airport doesn't meet this challenge head-on, then it is highly likely that more passengers will elect to use alternative cheap airport parking such as Portside Cruise and Airport Parking and walk to a shuttle bus, rather than continue to pay the extortionate charges asked for at BNE.
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