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Keep your home safe while on holiday

houseAs you drive up to our Portside cruise terminal or Brisbane Airport parking facility, already relaxing into that well-deserved break, it's vital to know that you've left your home as safe and secure as possible.

Here are six areas to consider, to help with this, when getting ready to head off to your vacation destination...

1. Make sure your mail doesn't pile up in a place where it can be seen from outside.

You may have a neighbour or relative looking after your home, and they can make sure it's out of sight. Alternatively, Australia Post can hold your personal mail for just over $40 for a month. 

2. If you are going away for more than a few days, it can pay to let your local police know that the house is unoccupied.

If someone is holding a key, and knows the alarm codes, it also pays to let the police have this person's details. This means, should your alarm go off for any reason, it can be dealt with efficiently. 

3. Plan for the outside as well as inside your home.

If you pride yourself on an immaculate front garden, if it's left untended for a few weeks, this is a clear flag to any observant bad guys. It pays to have a maintenance service take care of that garden while you are away. 

4. Avoid setting an obvious shut-down scene.

If you pass a home where all the curtains are drawn in the middle of the day, you'll probably assume that the owners are on holiday. So will burglars! Taking such an action is like putting a 'gone away' sign on the wall, and it also stops police or neighbours looking in to check that everything is okay.

5. Don't leave a house that's lit up for all 24 hours of the day.

Many people still do this, but again it does draw attention. It's much better to invest in a couple of timer switches and use them to provide light - night and morning - just as it would be if you were still at home.
It's also better to use these timers with lights that don't simply highlight a lounge room that's easily viewed from the street, and shown to be brightly lit but always completely empty of human life!

6. The one that may surprise you:

avoid telling the world that you are away from home. Seems obvious, and in the old days, before the internet took over our lives, people would never dream of putting an ad in their local paper to announce that they have gone on holiday, and that their home is available to be burgled during the next couple of weeks.
Yet, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media spots, there you'll now find them - people announcing their departure, and sending countless photos from wherever they might be.
Some even post the dates that they will be absent! Keep all the pics until you return. Never offer such invitations to criminality in places where you don't know exactly who is accessing the information. 
There you go - half-a-dozen quick tips to allow you to fully enjoy that drive to your parking choice for Brisbane Airport or the cruise terminal, already looking forward to the fun to come, while also knowing that you have taken sensible steps to protect your home and property. Happy holiday!


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