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Traveling with a Toddler? Here are Some Packing Tips

Portside Parking Traveling With A ToddlerJust because you have a toddler does not mean your trips to the airport are over. Sometimes it’s a duty trip, say a family occasion interstate, and sometimes it’s a holiday.
Either way, your toddler probably does not know the difference and will not understand why routines are interrupted, why strange places have been introduced and why you have to be some place on a time that does not suit a toddler.
There are going to be tears. There are tips, however, to make travelling with a toddler just that little bit easier. It’s all about preparation.

Be Positive

Firstly, think positive. OK, so maybe it won’t be perfect, but thinking it will be puts a smile on your face and a calm mood into your mind. These are a great help when things go off the rails.

Use a List

You can make your own or search online. Whatever you choose, make sure you have subheadings to cover everyone and everything. 

A Baby Wrap

If there is a baby as well as a toddler, a great baby wrap is an essential. If you are able to use a baby wrap, it will keep your hands free as much as possible. 


Get jobs done ahead of time. Who needs the hassle of checking in at the airport when it can be done ahead of time online?
Airport parking is another do-ahead job. It can be done online and often there are discounts for doing so. Airport parking can be done by following the signs when you get there – but it’s far easier, cheaper and hassle-free when you know where you are going and that it’s already paid for.
And don’t forget, with airport parking, to remember you are coming back. Remember to make a note of rows and levels so the car is easily retrieved when everyone is tired and just wants to get home. You might even want to take a photo with your mobile phone, just to be sure you can find the car again. 


Pack thin and flat. Remember to use all the nooks and crannies in your luggage. Smaller items can be stored in large items. For example, sunglasses could fit into shoes. 

Nappy bag

A bulky nappy bag is going to make life difficult and is a no–no. You don’t want to hit fellow passengers in the head as you make your way down the aisle with a child on one hip and bag on the other.
Make sure you take a thin change mat, one you can roll up small. The best solution is to stick to roller carry on wherever you can. Turn your nappy bag into a backpack or store it in the roller carry on. 

Final Words

Make sure you pack your toddler's favourite things in a little bag for them. This way they will feel useful and a familiar object will offer them comfort when needed.
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