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What Customer Service is to Us | Portside Parking
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What Outstanding Customer Service Means at Portside Parking

We believe in only the best customer service. Keeping our customers satisfied at Portside Parking is what drives us each day. 

Making our customers feel special

We believe each and every one of our customers needs to feel important when they park their car with us. We strive to connect with each customer and leave them boarding that plane feeling relaxed knowing their car will be well looked after when they’re gone. 

Striving for the best

It’s not good enough to be good, you have to continuously strive to be the best if you want to be noticed. Customers expect great service and we don’t want to disappoint. We love it when our customers rave about us, leaving great reviews, as we know we’ve done our job well.

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Word of mouth gets you far

We know the importance of word of mouth advertising, which is why we do our utmost to impress, so our customers will recommend us to their friends. 

We understand how important our reputation is – it’s the most important thing we have as a business – and we always do our best to keep to protect our reputation by providing the best in customer service. 

We want to hear from our customers

We love customer feedback; in fact, we embrace it! We would never be able to fix any problems we were unaware of if we weren’t told about them, so we welcome customer opinion and advice. 

So if you have some feedback for us, please don’t hold back!

The highest quality service

We believe in premium quality service at our Brisbane Airport parking, and for this quality to be achieved, we ensure our service is clean, complete and safe. 

We want to give our customers a space to park their car in an environment that is pristinely clean, knowing their vehicle is in safe hands while they are away. 

Our customers are our best asset

We do our utmost to create retention and loyalty within our customer base. We do this by taking the time to thoroughly understand our customers’ needs and wants and working hard to meet these, the first time and every time. 

Staying ahead of the game

We are an innovative business and we know that one of the best ways to stay at the forefront of our customers’ minds is to offer the best. To do this, we need to stay ahead of the curve so we’ve adapted some of the best customer service methods in the business. 

Our staff are well trained to help you with any query you might have, and we will ensure you have a wonderful experience parking with us.

What you can expect from our Brisbane Airport parking service

When you’re away on holiday, you can rest assured we will supervise your car and keep it in safe hands. The way we manage our business is second to none, so if you are looking for the safest place to keep your car at Brisbane Airport while you’re away on holiday, look no further.

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