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What to Do on a Cruise Ship During Bad Weather

Cruise during bad weatherMost people hope for sunny skies and calm seas when they go on a cruise, but Mother Nature often has other plans in mind.

Gale force winds, choppy seas, dense fog, cool temperatures, and rain can often interrupt the smooth sailing cruise you had probably pictured, but there are still plenty of things to do on a cruise ship during bad weather.

How Can Bad Weather Affect your Cruise?

Cruise ship itineraries are planned to minimise the risk of being affected by bad weather and are built to withstand the occasional storm or typical weather conditions.
Even so, your cruise can be affected by bad weather.
Outdoor activities, including pools, hot tubs, entertainment, or shore tours may be cancelled in the event of rain or rough seas. During extremely bad weather conditions your cruise ship may need to adjust your itinerary and departures or arrivals at ports of call may be delayed or even cancelled.
Cruise ship passengers may be offered credits or refunds in the event of extreme weather conditions and itinerary adjustments, however, a credit or refund is up to the discretion of the company you are cruising with. In any case, cruise ships are prepared for bad weather conditions and have a range of events and activities that can be enjoyed in any weather.

What to Do on a Cruise Ship When you Can’t Go Outside

Cruise ships have a wide range of indoor activities you can take part in, including trivia contests, bingo, karaoke, scavenger hunts, cooking classes, arts and crafts activities, and live entertainers and performances. 
You can make use of your cruise ship’s indoor facilities, including your cruise ship’s spa, gym, or shopping mall. Larger and more luxurious cruise ships often include more interesting indoor activity options, such as bowling arcades, ice rinks, or planetariums. 
If you prefer a slower pace, you could order room service and treat yourself to a relaxing movie from your cruise ship’s in-cabin movie service or perhaps books, puzzles, and games from your cruise ship’s well-stocked library.
Foodies will find plenty of new and exciting dining experiences to try out, and you might even find time to taste that new beer, wine, or cocktail you’ve always wanted to try out when bad weather strikes. 
Make sure you continue to listen out for announcements during your indoor activities as your cruise ship’s schedule and itinerary can change at any time during bad weather conditions, and new activities and entertainment can also be announced.

How to Combat Seasickness

Bad weather on a cruise often means you may suffer from seasickness.
Take steps to control any nausea by avoiding alcohol and greasy foods and consider taking it easy and slowing down your pace. Come prepared with seasickness tablets or consider home remedies such as peppermint or ginger ale to help keep your stomach calm in the event of bad weather. 
You can still have a fun cruise even if bad weather strikes. Staying indoors may not be the cruise you dreamed of but you will find plenty to do even in the stormiest of weather.
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