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Terms and Conditions

1. All Rates include GST, administration fees and charges.

2. Rates are subject to change without notice.

3. The quoted rates are calculated per calendar day or part thereof.

4. Vehicles longer than 5.5 meters do attract a surcharge please contact our office for a quote.

5. No refunds for early returns or no shows.

6. Bookings can be cancelled at any time however refunds will only be given for cancelations requests received in writing before 5pm the day before the scheduled day of arrival. Any refunds will attract a $10 administration charge. Cancellation requests must be sent to park@portsideparking.com.au 

7. The motor vehicle described on the this booking form is left in the custody of Portside Parking and its servants and agents solely at the risk of the person leaving the motor vehicle. Portside Parking and its servants and agents will not be liable for any loss or damage to any vehicle whatsoever or howsoever caused or for any loss or damage to any property stolen from the motor vehicle or property otherwise lost in the motor vehicle or at the Portside Parking facilities or any Portside Parking motor vehicle. If however any such loss or damage is caused whether by negligence or otherwise of any person acting with or without the authority of Portside Parking and its servants or agents, and Portside Parking is found liable in any respect, its liability is limited to the value of the service being provided. These conditions shall apply at all times while the motor vehicle is parked or otherwise in the custody or control of Portside Parking or its servants or agents. Notwithstanding any demand or request to the contrary, Portside Parking and its servants and agents may move or drive the motor vehicle whilst left with Portside Parking for the purpose of being parked or serviced. Any loss or damage must be reported to Portside Parking prior to the vehicle leaving Portside Parking facilities. No variation or modification of these conditions will bind Portside Parking unless made in writing and signed by the Managing Director.

8. The customer hereby acknowledges and agrees that where the booking is for indoor parking the motor vehicle might be moved outside the building on the morning of the scheduled return date for the purposes of customer collection. Relocation of motor vehicles outside the building is done at the discretion of the Portside Parking management and staff. 

9. The customer acknowledges that Portside Parking is not a 24 hour facility and as such collection of cars outside scheduled return times will attract an additional $ 50 collection fee and might not be possible outside normal working hours. After hour collection of vehicles will be at the discretion of Portside Parking management.  

10. Bookings must be paid for at time of booking.

11.  The customer acknowledges that the final shuttle to the Brisbane International Cruise Terminal departs Portside Cruise Parking no later than 2 hours prior to cessation of  embarkation. In normal circumstances this would be at or before 2pm.  Late arivals will need to arrange their own transport from Portside Cruise Parking to the Brisbane International Cruise Terminal.  

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