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Five Food-related Adventures for the Holiday Season

Over the centuries, Australia has borrowed from a range of influences to carve out its own culinary repertoire.food
While it's true that you can just go to one of many Australian restaurants to try some kangaroo, there are so many other great ways of getting a hands-on experience with Australia's wonderful range of foods.
This Christmas holiday, consider putting these five locales onto your holiday shortlist.

1. Tali Wiru at Uluru

When it comes to traditional Australian cuisine, Tali Wiru (meaning 'beautiful dune' in the local language of Anangu) is a sensory delight – both visually and taste-wise. At $325 per person, it's best saved for a special occasion, but few things are more tranquil and romantic than a delicious traditional meal under the Southern Cross.
This is more than just a meal, however, as you will be able to kick back and enjoy champagne and canapés while listening to the primal vibrations of a didgeridoo as the sun sets.
As dusk settles, it's only a brisk walk to the dunes, where a four course table d'hôte dinner, combined with Australian's most premium wines, will ensure that you get an unforgettable night that you will treasure forever.
As for the menu, Darling Downs Wagyu Fillet, some Paroo Premium Kangaroo Rillettes, a Glacier 51’ Toothfish, and Twice-Baked Heidi Farm Gruyere Soufflé will ensure that you're physically full, not just experientially full.

2. Take a shot at brewing your own beer

If you've ever enjoyed a refreshing beer but never bother to see how it's made, Bright Brewery's Ryan Tyack will take you on a magical journey.
An expert brewer, Ryan will take you on a hands-on tour that includes demonstrating how the grain is milled, incorporating yeast, and taste-testing mountain-crafted beers.
Plus, when your special batch is ready to drink a month later, you will receive your very own six-pack comprised of beer you watched being made.

3. Grape stomping!

If part of your holidays in Australia is an escape from a miserable boss, why not vent your frustrations upon a vat full of wine grapes? Although Coonawarra After Dark's annual grape stomp and pizza party take place during April, grape stomping can be enjoyed any time of the year. 
The party celebrates the conclusion of a successful harvest.
The festival spans several Coonawarra vineyards, including DiGiorgio Family Wines, Zema Estate, and Brand's Laira Coonawarra.
It's also a great activity to get the kids involved! Afterwards, there's a five-kilometre trail that you can use to visit the five connected Coonawarra wineries.

4. Do you prefer to drink your wine rather than stomp it?

If so, Magill Estate gives you a wonderful spread of exquisite wines. Situated just 8 km from Adelaide's CBD, Magill Estate has a restaurant with world-class food as well as wine. Be sure to enjoy a bottle of Grange with either lunch or dinner.

5. A bush-trail feast

Let Bob "Penunka" Taylor guide you through Alice Spring's gorgeous outback. With culinary expertise, Bob will walk with you to collect native ingredients and create first-rate bush tucker, including saltbush, yam fritters, and even emu salami, which is then cooked over red-hot coals to taste.
As you can see, Christmas holidays in Australia are a wonderfully unique experience. Whether you're travelling from Brisbane to Uluru, or dining on fine food and fine wine, there's something for everyone down under.
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